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The Mission Marketing Group

Building the healthcare offering

QuickView | Media | 27/04/2017

The mission has extended the range of its capabilities in the healthcare segment with the acquisition of RJW & Partners, announced this morning. RJW, a…

International Stem Cell

Dosing of first cohort complete

Update | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 27/04/2017

International Stem Cell recently announced that the first cohort of four patients in its Phase I trial in Parkinson’s disease (PD) had successfully…

Canadian General Investments

‘One-stop-shop’ for investment in Canada

Review | Investment Companies | 27/04/2017

Canadian General Investments (CGI) is registered as a Canadian investment corporation, which confers favourable tax status; it is listed on both the Toronto…

Akari Therapeutics

Suspension of Coverage

Update | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 27/04/2017

Whilst following Edison’s normal publication process, which includes a review of a note by a supervisory analyst and a fact checking of the document…

Expert System

Turning the AI hype into reality

Update | Technology | 27/04/2017

Expert System spent FY16 investing in its corporate structure post the TEMIS acquisition. While this led to a small loss in FY16, it leaves the company…