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Electronics & Electrical Equipment

Xaar designs and manufactures inkjet printheads. Its Platform 1 products are used primarily for outdoor advertising. Platform 3 widens the addressable market to include industrial, labelling and other applications.

Consumer Support Services

Xchanging is a business process outsourcing company.

Pharmaceutical & healthcare


Xploite is an IT services company focusing on small to medium-sized companies. Xploite’s strategy is to consolidate the IBM SME reseller and managed services market in the UK.

XPO Logistics
Industrial Support Services

Xbrane Biopharma
Pharmaceutical & healthcare

Xbrane Biopharma is a Swedish developer of biosimilars using a patented, more efficient manufacturing system. The lead product is Xlucane, a Lucentis biosimilar. Xbrane’s first product will be a triptorelin generic, Spherotide, for prostate cancer. First sales will be to Iran in 2017. European approval is possible in 2019.

Xcite Energy
Oil & Gas

Xcite Energy is an oil appraisal and development company focused on heavy oil resources in the UK sector of the North Sea. It has one project, the Bentley field, in which it has a 100% working interest.

XP Power

XP Power is a developer and designer of power control solutions with production facilities in China, Vietnam and the US, and design, service and sales teams across Europe, the US and Asia.

Xplore Technologies Corp

Xplore Technologies Corp was established 15 years ago in Canada and designs, develops and markets rugged tablets with applications across multiple industries. The company differentiates its tablet offerings by combining modularity, screen brightness and wireless capabilities with industry-leading ruggedness.