Diskus Werke (DIS)

Business description

Diskus Werke is an archetypal Mittelstand systems provider with extremely strong market positions in the sub-segments within which it operates. The company is organised around three business units; Machine Tools & Automation, Tools & Components, and Production.

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Diskus Werke

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Investment summary

Diskus Werke is a sound business with a defensible leading market position, but extreme illiquidity in the stock curtails potential investor interest. Core clients’ industries, most notably automotive, are mature and cyclical and in 2016 profits were held back by losses at three subsidiaries. Eliminating this effect should boost margin, while diversification into the contract manufacture of end parts could boost the top line and profitability.

Last updated on 14/07/2017

Key management

Axel Loehr, CFO

Company address

Johannes-Gutenberg- Stra├če 1
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