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Edel AG is one of Europe’s leading independent media groups. It is both a publisher and a producer. Edel offers the music, film and book industry a unique full-service model, covering marketing and production as well as the distribution of audio content, video content and books.

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All-round entertainer

Initiation | Media | 23/05/2017

Investment summary

Edel AG is unusual in combing extensive entertainment content (owned and/or licensed) with the ability to manufacture physical assets and distribute both physical and digital formats. The resurgence of demand for vinyl has boosted its recent manufacturing earnings, while the breadth and diversity of the overall offering provides considerable portfolio benefits. The group is majority family-owned, with limited market liquidity. This partially explains the modest rating, at a discount to global entertainment content and publishing companies and carrying an attractive yield.

Last updated on 23/05/2017

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Neumeuhlen 17
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