Sarine Technologies (U77)

Business description

Sarine is the leading provider of equipment and services for the diamond manufacturing industry. These help to automate planning and maximise yield. It has also developed products that allow it to enter the much larger and more profitable wholesale and retail segments of the industry.

Stock data

Market cap.S$331.7m
Last closeS$0.94
High / Low (52 weeks)S$2.0 / S$0.9
Stock market listingSP
Forecast net debt (m)N/A
Forecast gearing ratio (%)N/A
SectorGeneral Industrials

Price performance

Relative *(23.589)(37.518)(52.696)

* % Relative to local index

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Investment summary

Sarine is an established leader in equipment and services for the diamond manufacturing industry (the so-called “midstream”) with its own proprietary technology. Through new products and services, the company has entered the higher value-add downstream retail segment of the industry, which is more than twice the size of its traditional midstream market and commands higher valuations. This potentially underpins attractive growth and share price prospects over the medium term. Investors looking for direct exposure to the diamond industry may find the stock of interest in its initial stages of entering new markets.

Last updated on 30/05/2017

Key management

Daniel Gilnert, Chairman
Bill Kessler, CFO

Company address

4, Ha-Kharash
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