Snakk Media (SNK)

Business description

Mobile advertising technology company Snakk Media offers a full suite of mobile creative, content and technology services, empowering the world's leading brands and agencies to accurately reach and engage with consumers on their mobile devices.

Latest research

Improved cash performance

Update | Media | 05/02/2018

Self-service growth kicking in

Update | Media | 01/11/2017

FY17 results and revised KOMs

Update | Media | 02/06/2017

Q4 business update

Update | Media | 09/05/2017

H117 peak investment

Update | Media | 03/02/2017

Investment in expansion

Update | Media | 02/11/2016

Gross margin expands in Q117

Update | Media | 01/08/2016

Demonstrating strong fiscal management

Update | Media | 06/06/2016

Second consecutive EBITDA positive quarter

Update | Media | 29/02/2016

Exceeding targets

Update | Media | 03/02/2016

Upwardly mobile

Update | Media | 07/12/2015

On the move

Outlook | Media | 05/11/2015

Investment summary

Snakk Media has issued its Q3 KOMs, which are broadly consistent with its full-year targets, with an outperformance of the compensation to revenue ratio and a higher staff turnover than indicated. This figure, though, is highly volatile due to the small numbers involved. The company is still undergoing a review of its capital strategy and the share price is unlikely to recover until the outcome of this is published.

Last updated on 05/02/2018

Key management

Derek Handley, Chairman
Mark Ryan, CEO
Malcolm Lindeque , CFO

Company address

Level 5
104 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills
+61 282 027 506
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