Tonkens Agrar (GTK)

Business description

Tonkens Agrar is engaged in the cultivation of crops including cereals, potatoes, onions and oil seed rape; the storage, processing and marketing of vegetables; milk production; and the production of renewable energy from biogas plants and photovoltaic installations. It farms c 3,000 hectares of high-quality land in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany.

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Tonkens Agrar

Vertikal integrierter Agrarproduzent


Investment summary

Tonkens Agrar’s c 3,000 hectares of high-quality farmland in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany is the starting point for a vertically integrated agricultural production group. It processes the potatoes and onions grown on the farm in-house, substantially adding value to the harvested vegetables. Manure from the dairy herd and residual material from harvesting and processing crops is used to generate electricity, creating an additional revenue stream that is predictable and non-seasonal.

Last updated on 06/06/2017

Key management

Gerrit Tonkens, CEO
Steffen Gaede, Commerce Director

Company address

Welsleber Straße 1
+49 (0) 39205 41 74 - 10
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