Alabama Graphite (CSPG)

Business description

Alabama Graphite is positioning itself as a major sourced-and-made-in-US natural flake battery graphite producer for the LiB supply chain. The company will not sell any traditional graphite concentrate, which is the core business model for all other graphite development companies presently.

Perfectly located for US electric car market

QuickView | Mining | 03/03/2017

Alabama Graphite’s Coosa Graphite Project in Alabama positions the company to be the key producer of natural battery-ready, coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) for the US. Logistically it is well situated to supply the US growth markets for lithium ion batteries for the fast-growing green energy market, including electric car batteries. Importantly, its focus on higher-value purified battery-ready product in the form of CSPG means it will not be selling the pre-cursor graphite concentrate, as is currently the emphasis of the junior graphite sector. This note is an introduction to Alabama Graphite ahead of our full initiation of coverage in Q217.

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Stock data

Market cap.C$22.5m
Last closeC$0.150
High / Low (52 weeks)C$0.2 / C$0.1
Stock market listingCN
Forecast net cash (C$m)0
Forecast gearing ratio (%)N/A
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Relative *(12.6)15.331.8

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