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Acarix, a Swedish company, has developed the CE-marked CADScor to enable about half of the patients to be ruled out from further, expensive testing. Private sales in Germany have started. Full EU sales may start from 2019. US sales might start from 2021.

Cash raised to fuel European marketing

Initiation | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 21/12/2016

Acarix has developed the CE-marked CADScor System to ‘hear’ and detect partially blocked coronary arteries. CADScor is designed to be used by doctors to help assess patients’ risk of coronary artery disease (CAD). This could enable about half of the patients to be ruled out from further, expensive testing. Acarix aims to sell CADScor from 2017 in Germany and Scandinavia. Full EU reimbursement may start in 2019. US marketing will probably require a US clinical study with sales from 2021 possible. The IPO at SEK17.60/share completed at a value of SEK405m in December 2016, raising SEK140m gross, SEK125m net. The indicative value is SEK31.62/share based on an indicative value of SEK728m.

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Stock data

Market cap.SEK328m
Last closeSEK14.250
High / Low (52 weeks)SEK / SEK
Stock market listingOMX
Forecast net cash (SEKm)60.6
Forecast gearing ratio (%)N/A
SectorPharmaceutical & healthcare

Price performance

Relative *(8.4)(29.7)N/A

* % Relative to local index

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