Yesterday Angle announced that researchers from Queen Mary University of London's Barts Cancer Institute (BCI) published new data further supporting Angle’s Parsortix system for use in prostate cancer applications including an unexpected fundamental discovery that might ignite interest as a new research area in cancer metastasis. The study analysed blood samples from 81 prostate cancer patients and showed that Parsortix captured so-called EMTing cancer cells, those circulating tumour cells (CTCs) that are undergoing epithelial to mesenchymal transition. EMTing cells were correlated with whether the cancer became metastatic. Namely, the researchers found that EMTing cells combined with the gold standard PSA test had 92% accuracy in predicting metastasis, significantly outperforming PSA alone. The ability to capture EMTing and EMTed cells is what differentiates Parsortix from many other liquid biopsy systems. We are updating our estimates.

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