Hurricane has provisionally raised up to $535m through a $300m equity placing (plus $5m follow-on offer) and a concurrent $220m (with $10m over-allotment) convertible bond offer. Equity is being placed at a price of 32p/share while the convertible offers investors a 7.5% coupon and conversion price of 40p/share – a 25% premium. We had assumed EPS funding in our valuation with an approximate 60/40 equity/debt split (see our May Outlook note); confirmation of funding should provide increased confidence in Hurricane’s ability to keep to a H119 first oil target. The fall in Hurricane’s share price over the last two months has led to greater dilution than we had previously anticipated with Edison’s Lancaster NAV falling from 102p/share to 81p/share (c 21%) assuming convertible dilution.

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