Pacific Edge (PEB)

Business description

Pacific Edge develops and sells a portfolio of molecular diagnostic tests based on biomarkers for the early detection and management of cancer. Tests utilising its Cxbladder technology for detecting and monitoring bladder cancer are sold in the US, New Zealand and Australia.

Advances in bladder cancer diagnosis

QuickView | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 15/07/2014

Pacific Edge is driving the commercial launch of its molecular diagnostic Cxbladderdetect in the US in 2014. The advantage of the test is its greater accuracy in detecting cancer, particularly at the early stages, than established methods, and it is a faster, less invasive, more cost-effective option. It is also preparing to launch line extension Cxbladdertriage in Q314 as an additional tool for urologists. The market opportunity for Cxbladderdetect in the US alone is greater than NZ$600m.

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Market cap.NZ$177.2m
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