Polar Capital Global Healthcare Growth & Income Trust (PCGH) was set up in 2010 with a fixed life of seven years. In advance of the expected wind-up at the early 2018 AGM, the trust is proposing a seven-year extension, changing the investment strategy to a growth mandate, and issuing zero dividend preference shares (ZDPs) to introduce gearing for the first time. It is also giving existing shareholders the opportunity to tender up to 100% of their investment at NAV minus costs (expected to be c 0.4%), as well as offering new shares to existing and new shareholders. The proposals are contingent on achieving at least £200m of assets following the tender offer and new share issue. The new, growth-focused strategy, renamed Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust, will be c 90% invested in large-cap healthcare companies benefiting from industry consolidation, and c 10% in sub-$5bn stocks that are driving change through technological innovation.

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