Research tagged 'Metals & mining'

Caledonia Mining

Ore extraction hindered by IP implementation

Update | Mining | 14/09/2017

As Caledonia Mining (CMCL) continues to implement its investment plan (IP), logistical issues governing ore handling volumes and access to higher-grade…

Triton Minerals

Industry interest in Ancuabe increases

Update | Mining | 12/09/2017

Critical to the development of any opaquely traded commodity project is establishing an end-customer network. To this end, Triton Minerals (TON) has forged…


Drilling tees up Q3/Q4 mineral resource estimates

Update | Mining | 11/09/2017

In a busy Q3, Lepidico (LPD) has announced two sets of drilling results from Alvarrões in Portugal, one set from Lemare in Quebec and the conclusion…

Wheaton Precious Metals

Still shining

Outlook | Mining | 30/08/2017

Despite a second quarter in which ounces produced but not yet delivered to Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM) increased, earnings from operations were just…

Pan African Resources

Disposals hone investment case

Update | Mining | 24/08/2017

Pan African (PAF) has made a number of announcements since Edison’s last note in May, including an operational update, the conclusion of the Uitkomst…