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RCM Beteiligungs

Rising expectations

Financials | published 22/11/2017

Emerging market fintech

Financials | published 15/11/2017
German Startups Group

Strategic refocus in progress

Financials | published 15/11/2017

Client activity to drive substantial growth in revenue

Financials | published 10/01/2017

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Latest research

John Laing Group

Growth in buoyant markets

Update | Financials | 13/12/2017

John Laing Group’s (JLG) trading update and recent disposal of a wind farm provided year-to-date figures for investment commitments and realisations.…

APQ Global

Meeting income targets and looking to grow

Update | Financials | 11/12/2017

APQ Global is well on track to deliver its targeted 6% yield on its August 2016 IPO price of 100p. The proceeds from the IPO and follow-on CULS issue have…


Positive trend in quantity and quality of lending

Update | Financials | 08/12/2017

S&U’s trading update for the period since its half-year end confirmed that it is trading in line with expectations and our estimates are unchanged.…

Picton Property Income

Diversified and consistent

Update | Financials | 30/11/2017

Picton’s stated ambition is to be consistently one of the best performing diversified property companies on the main market and the H118 performance…


AUME at a high, investing in products, services

Update | Financials | 28/11/2017

Record is differentiated from conventional asset managers by its focus on currency markets where it benefits from its independent status and over 30 years…