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Helena Coles
Financials analyst

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Sarah Godfrey

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Mel Jenner

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Andrew Mitchell
Associate Director

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Rob Murphy
Head of Investment Trusts

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Gavin Wood

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Biopharma Credit

Leading lender in life sciences

Initiation | Investment Companies | 17/05/2018

BioPharma Credit (BPCR) offers investors access to a diverse portfolio of secured debt instruments for life science companies based on BPCR’s pool…

Jupiter US Smaller Companies

Tightened process driving outperformance

Review | Investment Companies | 17/05/2018

Jupiter US Smaller Companies (JUS) aims to generate long-term capital growth from a focused portfolio of mid- and small-cap US equities. Since 2001, the…

Jupiter UK Growth Investment Trust

Rigorous, long-term approach to stock-picking

Review | Investment Companies | 14/05/2018

Jupiter UK Growth Investment Trust (JUKG) aims to generate long-term capital growth, primarily through investing in UK-listed equities. With few investment…

Finsbury Growth & Income Trust

Adding to positive performance track record

Review | Investment Companies | 10/05/2018

Finsbury Growth & Income Trust (FGT) is managed by Nick Train, who runs a concentrated portfolio of primarily UK equities, aiming to generate long-term…

Tetragon Financial Group

Diversified alternative income and growth portfolio

Review | Investment Companies | 10/05/2018

Tetragon Financial Group (TFG) is a specialist closed-ended investment company, which aims to provide stable returns across economic and asset class cycles…

Investment Trusts Explained

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An introduction to the UK’s longest-established collective investment schemes. Download

Types of investment trust

A guide to the different geographical and asset class focuses available, from UK shares to property and private equity. Download

How to buy and sell investment trusts

Using stockbrokers, savings schemes, online investment platforms and investing through an ISA or pension. Download

The Income Advantage

Some investment trusts have raised their dividends each year for more than four decades – find out how. Download

Discounts and Premiums

Understanding how investment trust share prices are affected by supply and demand. Download

Managing Discounts and Premiums

A guide to discount control mechanisms and the options for issuing new shares. Download

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