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Validation achieved, growth expected
Oxford BioMedica | 10/05/2018

Following the commercial launch in 2017 of partner Novartis’s CAR-T Kymriah (in r/r paediatric ALL), Oxford BioMedica (OXB) has become one of a handful…

LentiVector platform expanding into haemophilia
Oxford BioMedica | 16/02/2018

Oxford BioMedica (OXB) has announced a collaboration and licence agreement with Bioverativ to develop gene therapy products for the treatment of haemophilia.…

Kymriah approved - royalties to OXB assured
Oxford BioMedica | 01/09/2017

Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel/CTL019), for which Oxford BioMedica (OXB) provides the key lentiviral vector component, has been approved by the FDA for the…