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Sarah Godfrey
6 December 2016

Acorn Income Fund announces rollover proposal for 2017 ZDPs

Extending life to 2022 with 3.85% pa gross redemption yield

Acorn Income Fund (AIF) has published proposals to extend the maturity of its 2017 zero-dividend preference shares (ZDPs) by five years. The ZDPs were issued at 100p in December 2011 with a maturity date of 31 January 2017 and a final capital entitlement of 138p, equating to a gross redemption yield of 6.5% pa. Following positive performance from AIF – which invests most of its assets in a portfolio of UK smaller company shares managed by Unicorn Asset Management, and a smaller proportion in a portfolio of high-yielding securities managed by Premier Asset Management – the 2017 ZDPs are set to meet their final capital entitlement in full.