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Car is the star - Shares Magazine

The car industry is racing ahead thanks to popular credit schemes enabling consumers to get the latest cars at low monthly prices. Car sales in the US hit a record 17.5 million in 2015 and European car sales are improving. Against this backdrop is a wealth of opportunity for UK investors thanks to a plethora of companies on the London Stock Exchange being linked to the automotive industry. From car component engineers and vehicle retailers to engine efficiency specialists and miners of commodities used for car batteries, investors are spoiled for choice for ways to play the car theme. Technology drivers One area attracting considerable attention is the technology side of the industry. Science and engineering advancements are rapidly turning your car into a real mobile box of tricks, and they are increasingly becoming on-the-go extensions of our homes. Road trips are made more enjoyable, and traffic jams more bearable, thanks to modern cars providing access to your music library, TV shows for the kids and calls to friends and family. Many analysts believe in-car technology is among the fastest-growing in the tech eco-sphere, thanks to desktop PCs going ex-growth, while smartphone and tablets head towards saturation. Investor interest in this emerging opportunity is rapidly growing. The Digital Car automotive technology conference, run by investment research house Edison, was jam-packed at its London office on 17 March 2016. ‘The car of the future may become the most powerful computer you will ever own,’ says Edison’s global head of technology, media and communications, Dan Ridsdale.


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