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Technology – Apple – History lesson

History repeats as nothing has changed It looks as if the iPhone SE is off to a slow start indicating that the $50 price cut was not enough to prevent the history of the iPhone 5c from repeating itself. Early data from analytics firm Localytics which tracks installations of 37,000 apps on 2.7bn devices globally is showing that in its first weekend the iPhone SE managed to grab just 0.1% share of the iOS ecosystem. This compares to 2% for the iPhone 6 and 1% for the iPhone 6s adoption in the first weekend of launch. This initial assessment is supported by the anecdotal observation that there were no long lines at Apple stores and that almost every outlet is reporting good availability of the device. This is symptomatic of one of the biggest problems that Apple is grappling with. Its shareholders are demanding growth and because it utterly dominates the segments within which it operates, it will have to go deeper into the mass market to achieve that growth.


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