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Accessing Capital in North America: An introduction to OTC Markets

Date: 20 Feb 2017

Benefits of an exchange listing are realized on OTCQX while keeping reporting and costs at a minimum:

• QX is proven to significantly grow US shareholder base for “Foreign” issuers
• Reach more investors and eliminate research barriers (more visible to US investors with every announcement / financial disclosure)
• Enhance your LSE liquidity/volume/valuation – you open the door for broader US investor community to trade your ordinary stock
• No change to your share structure or reporting requirements (no SEC filing, Sarbanes Oxley, ADR requirements)
• Most US investors are unable or unwilling to trade “Foreign” stocks without first meeting QX criteria (risk controls).
• Enhance cross-border trading experience for brokers and investors by supporting broker and sell-side compliance
• Minimize risk by trading on OTCQX to gauge and build the appetite of US without regulatory burden and cost

Speaker: Chris King

Chris King leads the International Corporate Services group at OTC Markets helping companies from outside the US to increase their visibility and become more broadly tradable by the North American investment community. In addition to helping companies of all sizes navigate the complexities of the US market, Chris works with smaller companies to implement best practices as they grow and support them in going public on the OTCQX and OTCQB markets.
Prior to OTC Markets, Chris served for 15 years at DF King Worldwide.