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Manx Telecom

Worth listening out for clearSound

QuickView | Technology | 14/12/2018

In September, Manx Telecom (MT) subsidiary Goshawk announced the launch of clearSound (MTcS), an innovative mobile phone service for people with hearing…

GB Group

Location, location, location

Update | Technology | 14/12/2018

GB Group’s Loqate division was the focus of yesterday’s capital markets day. Presenters highlighted the need for accurate address data as a…

John Laing Group

Delivering against guidance

Update | Financials | 14/12/2018

John Laing Group’s (JLG’s) pre-close update confirms the strong level of activity in the business in FY18. JLG will provide guidance on the…

Shore Capital Group

Diversified business model

Update | Financials | 14/12/2018

Since its flotation in 2000, Shore Capital has navigated a number of market cycles, generating operating profits throughout this period. More recently,…

China Water Affairs Group

Strong performance delivers growth

Update | General Industrials | 13/12/2018

Interim results confirmed that China Water Affairs Group (CWA) continues to grow rapidly. We remain optimistic about CWA’s capacity to extend this…