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ReNeuron Group

Exciting positive data in retinitis pigmentosa (RP)

Update | Pharmaceuticals & healthcare | 22/02/2019

ReNeuron’s announcement of early but exciting data on three patients in the clinical study of its human retinal progenitor cell (hRPC) product was…

Taronis Technologies

Bolt-on acquisition to improve margins

Update | General Industrials | 21/02/2019

Taronis Technologies (formerly MagneGas) has announced its preliminary sales figures for January. In addition, it has acquired an unnamed industrial gas…

Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust

Further reductions in equity exposure

Review | Investment trusts | 21/02/2019

Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust (SIGT) is a multi-asset, value investor, aiming to generate an average total return of at least CPI +6% pa (with…

Egdon Resources

Poorly developed sands at Biscathorpe-2

Flash note | Oil & gas | 21/02/2019

Basal Westphalian sandstones targeted at Biscathorpe-2 were found high to prognosis and poorly developed. Elevated gas readings and oil shows in the Dinantian…

AEX Gold

Change in strategy driven by high nugget effect

Update | Mining | 20/02/2019

AEX Gold is an exploration company with a substantial ground holding in Greenland. The company’s most advanced project is the former producing high-grade…