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m-u-t (M7U)

Business description

m-u-t is an integrated provider of photonics solutions based on a common technology platform. It uses non-contact optical technology to create customised systems for OEMs, which are deployed in the clean tech, life sciences and green tech sectors.

Investment summary

m-u-t has followed a record-beating FY16 with another record-beating year, as it delivers non-contact measurement systems to OEMs across a very broad range of applications in the clean tech, life science and green tech sectors. We expect demand to continue to grow, since m-u-t’s products are key building blocks of the remote-controlled, continuous online measurement systems at the heart of Industry 4.0 networks. FY18 has started well, with sales rising by 12% y-o-y during Q118 to €18.3m and EBIT by 14% to €3.3m, representing an 18% EBIT margin.

Last updated on 01/06/2018

Company address

Am Marienhof 2
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