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PowerHouse Energy Group (PHE)

Business description

PowerHouse Energy has developed an innovative, distributed waste-to-hydrogen and waste-to-energy process, which takes advantage of the growing global need for distributed hydrogen production, as well as the distributed grid and local wire power delivery.

Latest research

Investment summary

In August 2013, PowerHouse acquired the outstanding stake in Pyromex Holding AG, thus securing control of an ultra-high temperature gasification (UHTG) technology for converting waste material to energy. This technology has been extensively tested and the pilot site is expected to begin commercial operation by early 2015, subject to ongoing funding being secured. Cash from gasification operations and the first equipment sales, expected during FY15, will enable the group to expand its gasification capacity.

Last updated on 27/07/2018

Industry outlook

PowerHouse has the potential to drive rapid growth subject to securing appropriate funding. We estimate that c $2.5m of forecast debt at December 2014 has still to be financed. We estimate that 10 50tpd reactors built, owned and operated by the group would generate $47-72m revenues annually including tipping fees and environmental feed-in tariffs, depending on the feedstock used and wholesale electricity prices. This represents $35-59m incremental operating profit.

Last updated on 27/07/2018

Key management

Keith Allaun, CEO

Company address

10b Russell Court, Woolgate,
Cottingley Business Park,
BD16 1PE
United Kingdom
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