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Tonkens Agrar (GTK)

Business description

Tonkens Agrar is engaged in the cultivation of crops including cereals, potatoes, onions and oil seed rape; the storage, processing and marketing of vegetables; milk production; and the production of renewable energy from biogas plants and photovoltaic installations. It farms c 3,000 hectares of high-quality land in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany.

Investment summary

Improved farmgate milk prices and higher volume sales of processed vegetables enabled Tonkens to achieve its stated goal of reporting a net profit after tax for FY17/18, compared with a loss the previous year. However, persistently low potato prices prevented the group from meeting its expectations of year-on-year revenue growth. Management continued with its strategy of focusing on higher-margin, added-value business, with volumes of peeled and packaged produce rising by 23% year-on-year.

Last updated on 07/12/2018

Key management

Gerrit Tonkens, CEO
Steffen Gaede, Commerce Director

Company address

Welsleber Straße 1
+49 (0) 39205 41 74 - 10
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