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BB Biotech (BION)

Business description

BION is a Switzerland-domiciled investment company, targeting attractive long-term returns from predominantly mid-/large-cap biotech companies with established product portfolios (sales and earnings) and promising pipeline candidates. It is benchmarked against the NASDAQ Biotech Index, but is managed bottom-up with a concentrated 20-35 stock portfolio.

Double-digit returns with a double-digit discount

Review | Investment Companies | 21/07/2014

BB Biotech AG (BION) is a Swiss-based investment company specialising in the biotechnology sector, with a focus on mid-sized and larger companies that are already generating revenues. Exposure to success stories such as Gilead, whose hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi became a record seller on its introduction earlier this year, has seen the portfolio achieve annualised gains of more than 20% over five years, yet the discount to NAV remains wide, at 20% (double the peer group average excluding BION). A 5% annual distribution policy means BION is the only biotech specialist trust with a yield, equivalent to 4.5% at 16 July.

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Stock data

Market cap.CHF3520.7m
Last closeCHF63.550
High / Low (52 weeks)CHF74.1 / CHF60.9
Stock market listingSW, IM
Forecast net debt (m)N/A
Forecast gearing ratio (%)N/A
TeamInvestment Companies
SectorInvestment Companies

Price performance

Relative *(0.4)(6.1)1.3

* % Relative to local index

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