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Celyad has reported a complete morphological leukemia-free status (MFLS) response in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the NKR CAR T-cell THINK study. Spontaneous remission in refractory/relapsed AML is extremely rare, so this is a significant result. Importantly, the response was achieved with no toxic preconditioning. CYAD-01 has shown limited toxicities to date. The clinical strategy has been updated to focus on AML and colorectal cancer. Additionally, with the approvals of Yescarta (Gilead) at a price of $373k and Kymirah (Novartis) at $475k, we have increased our expected price for NRK CAR T-cell therapy to $200k, formerly $150k. The revised strategy and price assumption change moves the indicative value to $122 per ADR, formerly $61 per ADR.

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