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Imugene (IMU)

Business description

Imugene is an immune oncology company developing HER-Vaxx, a proprietary HER2 +ve cancer vaccine. A Ph Ib dose study is planned in gastric cancer starting in mid-2016 with a direct Ph II follow-on study in 68 patients.

On track for anti-tumour vaccine trial in H215

Update | Pharmaceutical & healthcare | 13/04/2015

Imugene is on track to initiate a Phase Ib/II trial of its gastric (stomach) cancer therapeutic vaccine, HER-Vaxx, in H215. HER-Vaxx aims to replicate and improve on the combination of two proven therapeutic antibodies, Herceptin and Perjeta (Roche), which significantly improves survival in breast cancer and may do so in gastric cancer. Global gastric cancer incidence is 934,000 cases with few current therapeutic options and low survival. Imugene raised A$3.6m in H214, which gives it sufficient funds to initiate the Phase Ib/II trial, with the aim of gaining a major pharma deal following Phase II data in the buoyant cancer immunotherapy area.

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