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In recent quarters mVISE has completed the acquisition of a consulting team from SHS Viveon and the sale of loss-making workforce management software business Just Intelligence (JI). These have increased mVise’s ability to derive synergies from within the group and its focus on its core business of digitisation transformation. In H118, helped by increased consulting rates, the group was also able to report a 78% y-o-y increase in revenue and 50% margin expansion leading to a 1.6x y-o-y increase in EBITDA. We see good grounds for a continuation of favourable results in H2. Currently, mVise shares trade at a 24% discount to its two most profitable consulting-oriented peers on FY2 EV/EBITDA multiples. We believe this shows strong upside potential given the group’s growing exposure to the much more highly rated software products segment.

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