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US net sales of Zubsolv (for the treatment of opioid dependence) grew 10% y-o-y to SEK124.1m in a market where volume growth was driven by the larger (46% of all subscriptions), less profitable and more competitive public segment (Zubsolv has 27% market access). Despite a testing quarter we believe the market’s view of Zubsolv’s prospects is too pessimistic; Q3/Q417 should gain from the addition of Zubsolv to the state of Wisconsin’s preferred formulary for it Medicaid programme. Additionally, Zubsolv recently gained a preferred (now reimbursable) position on the CVS Caremark 2018 formulary, taking its access to the commercial sector to over 90%. Abstral royalties, which are loaded to H217, should aid in achieving FY17 forecasts.

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