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YPB Group (YPB)

Business description

YPB Group has developed a three-pronged strategy designed to detect and protect brands from counterfeiters. The company owns four Chinese patents over invisible tracers and has secured several contracts for its technology.

Detecting and protecting its future

Initiation | Industrial Support Services | 15/07/2015

YPB Group (YPB) is in the early stages of commercialising its patented, non-destructible, anti-counterfeiting technology used for brand protection and product authentication. YPB raised A$3.7m at IPO (A$0.20 per share) and a further A$6.3m (A$0.30 per share) by way of placements. The company has three contracts expected to generate total revenue of CN¥318m (A$66m) over four and a half years. Our DCF valuation of A$0.37 per share assumes that the current contracts are rolled over. Further value should be created through contract wins (A$0.08 per share for every $10m of additional revenue) and profitable growth in operations.

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Stock data

Market cap.A$14.6m
Last closeA$0.045
High / Low (52 weeks)A$0.2 / A$0.0
Stock market listingAU
Forecast net cash (A$m)4.1
Forecast gearing ratio (%)N/A
SectorIndustrial Support Services

Price performance

Relative *(9.2)(40.7)(75.5)

* % Relative to local index

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