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Expanding AsiDNA R&D programme
Onxeo | 27/05/2020

Currently, Onxeo is running a triple combination Phase Ib study (n=6; AsiDNA plus carboplatin plus paclitaxel). Top line results should be available by…

First Phase Ib DRIIV results released
Onxeo | 19/09/2019

On 18 September 2019, Onxeo released initial results from the first cohort of patients (n=3) in its ongoing Phase Ib DRIIV study with AsiDNA. The three…

Next generation of DNA damage repair inhibitors
Onxeo | 16/09/2019

Onxeo is focused on the development of the next generation of DNA damage repair inhibitors from its novel oligonucleotide platON platform. The lead asset,…