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Starting a new chapter
Heliad | 25/01/2024

Heliad Equity Partners (HEP) and FinLab completed their merger in Q423. Heliad, the new combined entity, has seen positive developments across its three…

A german vc and growth equity investor
Heliad: EKF 2023 QuickView | 20/11/2023

Following the merger of Heliad Equity Partners (HEP) with FinLab, the combined entity holds a portfolio of more than 20 innovative, private businesses…

Plans to merge with FinLab
Heliad Equity Partners | 15/06/2023

Heliad Equity Partners (HEP) saw a decline in its NAV per share between end-2021 and end-March 2023 of c 48% to €7.35, mostly on the back of the…