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Thinfilm joins NFC Forum board of directors
Thin Film Electronics | 10/12/2018

Thinfilm has announced that it has been voted onto the NFC Forum board of directors. This is the governing body of the organisation and as such is responsible…

Destocking holds back revenue development
Thin Film Electronics | 20/11/2018

Thinfilm’s results for the nine months ended September 2018 show that Q318 was adversely affected by the end-customer destocking of the anti-theft…

First fully processed die from R2R line
Thin Film Electronics | 25/09/2018

Thinfilm has announced that it has completed its first fully roll-processed lots of die from its new roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing facility in California.…

New Apple phones show enhanced NFC support
Thin Film Electronics | 19/09/2018

Apple’s introduction of native NFC support in the iPhone models launched this month is a key development for Thinfilm. First, it makes it easier…

NFC ramp-up slower than expected
Thin Film Electronics | 28/08/2018

Revenues from sales of NFC tags more than doubled during H118 as the number of clients and size of campaigns increased. However, Thinfilm’s management…

Enabling next phase of mobile marketing
Thin Film Electronics | 03/07/2018

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) is benefitting from a renewed interest in NFC (near-field communication) based mobile marketing solutions following Apple’s…

Suspension of forecasts
Thin Film Electronics | 19/10/2017

We are withdrawing our estimates on Thinfilm. Our previous estimates are now out-of-date and should not be relied upon.

Tapping the booming medical marijuana market
Thin Film Electronics | 12/06/2017

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) has announced an agreement with California’s leading medical marijuana supplier, Caliva, to incorporate Thinfilm…

Strong revenue growth outlook in coming quarters
Thin Film Electronics | 10/05/2017

Thinfilm (THIN) has had a very strong few months in terms of business development. EAS orders are back in volume (backlog: 16m units) and the launch of…

Cloud portal launch strengthens NFC proposition
Thin Film Electronics | 07/03/2017

For Thinfilm (THIN), 2016 has been principally dominated by a steadily growing list of new client partnerships, preparations for the move to the new R2R…