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Robust EPRA earnings but decreased NAV
Custodian REIT | 28/11/2022

Strong leasing activity is supporting EPRA earnings and Custodian REIT (CREI) is on track to meet its FY23 DPS target of not less than 5.5p, fully covered.…

Good momentum through Q123
Custodian REIT | 30/08/2022

Custodian REIT’s (CREI’s) Q123 report showed continuing strong performance, with like-for-like rental and capital value growth supporting a…

Strong returns continued through Q422
Custodian REIT | 23/05/2022

Custodian REIT’s (CREI’s) unaudited Q422 data show continuing strong performance, with a 6.4% NAV total return (28.4% for the year). Returns…