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Technology: Cyanogen – Lucky 13

Cyanogen refreshes the parts other ecosystems don’t reach Although Cyanogen’s business model remains highly questionable, the evolutions it is making to the user experience show a good understanding of what will drive ecosystems in the long term. With the release of Cyanogen OS 13.0, Cyanogen’s latest innovations within the user experience are ready to make it onto real devices. The big difference with the latest upgrade is the inclusion of Mods which are apps and services that have been deeply integrated into the OS. This allows them to be more aware, more contextual with access to much more data than normal apps. Consequently, Mods can offer the user a deeper and richer experience which we have long believed will be a very important factor in the user’s ecosystem decision over the next 3-5 years. In effect Mods are apps that sit on top an application framework which extracts the data that the apps generate and stores it in a common database.


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